Conference 1995

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at Askham Bryan Agricultural College near York on 8th to 10th September 1995

Programme 1995

Best in Show

Fox by Emily Mayer

Norfolk Trophy
(Best Groundwork)

Song Thrushes by Jack Fishwick

Best Theme

Song Thrushes by Jack Fishwick

Professional Bird Winner

First Bird
Kestrel by Jack Fishwick

Professional Fish Winners

Professional Mammal Winners

Amateur Winners 1995

Amateur Bird Winner

First & Second Bird
Wigeon by Peter Scott

Amateur Mammal Winner

First Mammal
Grey Squirrel by Brynja Davidsdottir

Amateur Fish Winner

Rainbow Trout by Dave Collins

Credits 1995

Higher Credits

Standard Credits

Other Items from the Show 1995

Lectures 1995

STEVE MASSAM, MIKE GADD, PETE SUMMERS and DON SHARP mounted birds from start to finish.

Steve with a tawny owl, Mike with a great tit, Pete with a kestrel and Don with a Canada Goose.

Other Photos 1995

Results List 1995

Prize Awards

Credits Awarded

Best in Show
Fox - Emily Mayer

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Meadow Pipit - Jack Fishwick

Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)
Song Thrushes - Jack Fishwick

Professional Theme
Song Thrushes ('Spring in the Air') - Jack Fishwick

Professional Bird 
1st: Kestrel and Meadow Pipit - Jack Fishwick
2nd: Skylark - Jack Fishwick
3rd: Goshawk - Dave Hollingworth

Professional Mammal
1st: Fox - Emily Mayer
2nd: Stoat - Jack Fishwick
3rd: Fallow Buck Head - Stuart Jefferies

Professional Fish
1st: Scorpion Fish - Steve Massam
2nd: Chubb - Jack Fishwick
3rd: none

Best Amateur
Perch - Peter Scott

Amateur Theme
Crow ('Carry on Eating') - Martyn Brewer

Amateur Bird
1st: Wigeon - Peter Scott
2nd: Wigeon - Peter Scott
3rd: Kingfisher - Ray Dunstan

Amateur Mammal
1st: Grey Squirrel - Brynja Davidsdottir
2nd: Stoat - Ray Dunstan
3rd: none

Amateur Fish
1st: Perch - Peter Scott
2nd: Rainbow Trout - Dave Collins
3rd: Salmon - Dave Collins

Master Specialist Credits

  • Steve Massam - Scorpion Fish
  • Stuart Jefferies - Fallow Buck Head

Standard Credits

  • Brynja Davidsdottir - Grey Squirrel
  • James Dickinson - Oystercatchers (two adults and one chick)
  • Jack Fishwick - Kestrels (x2), Skylark, Chubb, Song Thrushes (x2), Meadow Pipit, Little Tern, Tree Sparrow, Yellow Bunting, Reed Bunting and Stoat
  • Derek Frampton - Leather Carp
  • William Hales - Kestrel and Barn Owl
  • David Hollingworth - Otter and Goshawk
  • Brian Jackson - Red Stag Head
  • George Jamieson - Salmon
  • Stuart Jefferies - Red Stag
  • Emily Mayer - Fox
  • Steve Massam - Corkwing Wrasse
  • Colin Scott - Stoat
  • Peter Scott - Perch and Wigeon (x2)
  • Gary Tatterton - Lamb
  • Paul Taylor - Zander

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