Conference 2001 Results

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at Sutton Bonington Agricultural College in Nottinghamshire on 20th to 22nd September 2001 celebrating 25 years of the Guild

Programme 2001

Best in Show

Roe group by Dave Hollingworth

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case) and Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)

Song Thrush by Jack Fishwick

Best Theme

Roe group by Dave Hollingworth

Professional Bird Winners

Professional Mammal Winners

Professional Fish Winners

Professional Game Head Winners

Amateur Winners 2001

Best Amateur

Badger Heads by Carl Church

Elliott Trophy
(most improved amateur)

CM 2001

Amateur Bird Winners

Credits 2001

Higher Credits

Bar-tailed Godwit by Jack Fishwick

Standard Credits

Other Items from the Show 2001

Lectures 2001

GARY TATTERTON carried out a practical demonstration of mounting a Roe head using a form.

PETER SUNESON did a great lecture on mounting a large bird with the importance of field study and reference material.

Other Photos 2001

Results List 2001

Prize Awards

Best in Show
Roe group - Dave Hollingworth

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Song Thrushes – Jack Fishwick

Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)
Song Thrushes – Jack Fishwick

Best Theme
Roe group - Dave Hollingworth

Elliott Trophy (most improved amateur)

Professional Bird
1st: Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot - Colin Scott
2nd: Blue Throat - Peter Sunesen
3rd: Bar-tailed Godwit - Jack Fishwick

Professional Mammal
1st: Pine Marten - James Dickinson
2nd: Roe Buck - Jonathan Standing
3rd: Porpoise - Peter Scott

Professional Fish
1st: Brown Trout - Peter Scott
2nd: Pike - Dave Spaul
3rd: Brown Trout - Chris Elliot

Professional Game Head
1st: Red Lechwe - Gary Tatterton
2nd: Wild Boar - Carl Church
3rd: Roe Head - Jonathan Standing

Best Amateur
Badger Heads - Carl Church

Amateur Bird
1st: Waxwing - CM
2nd: Waxwing - CM
3rd: Corn Bunting - CM

Credits Awarded

Higher Credits

  • Jack Fishwick - Bar-tailed Godwit

Standard Credits

  • Carl Church - Wild Boar Head
  • James Dickinson - Adders (x2) and Pine Marten
  • Jack Fishwick - Song Thrush and Redwings (x3)
  • Derek Frampton - Wren
  • David Hollingworth - Roe Buck and Roe Doe
  • Nigel Fillips - Wood Mouse
  • Emily Mayer - House Mouse
  • CM - Corn Bunting and Waxwing
  • Peter Scott - Porpoise and Brown Trout
  • Jonathan Standing - Roe Buck
  • Peter Summers - Lynx (x2)
  • Peter Sunesen - Bluethroat and Rough-legged Buzzard
  • Gary Tatterton - Red Lechwe and Grey Parrot
  • Stephen Toher - Ferret

qualifying Emily Mayer as a Mammal Specialist and Stephen Toher as an Accredited Member

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