Conference 1990

The Guild of Taxidermy Conference Competitions

held in Glasgow

Lectures 1990

DAVID ASTLEY, PETER SUMMERS and JAMES DICKINSON simultaneously demonstrated bird mounting, each using a different method.

Dave Astley mounting a Sparrow hawk

Peter Summers mounting a Tawny owl

James Dickinson mounting a Oyster Catcher

Results List 1990

Prize Awards

Credits Awarded

Best in Show
Polecat - Erling Mørch

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Ptarmigan - Peter Summers

Best Groundwork
Ptarmigan - Peter Summers

Professional Bird Competition (Grouse)
1st: Peter Summers
2nd: Peter Summers
3rd: James Dickinson

Professional Mammal Competition (Polecat)
1st: James Jackson
2nd: Erling Mørch
3rd: Stephen Massam

Professional Fish Competition (Salmon)
1st: G McGauran
2nd: none
3rd: none

Best Amateur
1st: Salmon Case - Peter Scott
2nd: Perch - Colin Scott
3rd: Oystercatcher - Roger Degiorgio

Amateur Bird Competition (Grouse)
1st: Colin Scott
2nd: Peter Scott
3rd: A Hogg

Amateur Mammal Competition (Polecat)
1st: J Ditchfield
2nd: A Hogg
3rd: none

Amateur Fish Competition (Pike)
1st: Peter Scott
2nd: Peter Scott
3rd: none

Specialist Credits

  • Stephen Massam - Pipestrelle Bat, Woodcock, Moorhen and Newts

qualifying Stephen Massam as a Bird Specialist

Standard Credits

  • Roger Degiorgio - Oystercatcher
  • Erling Mørch - Lizard and Polecat
  • Colin Scott - Song Thrush and Perch
  • Peter Scott - Mullet
  • Gary Tatterton - Chaffinch
  • J Thomas - Gadwall
  • Barry Williams - Barn Owl

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