Conference 2008 Results

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at The Hayes Conference Centre in Derbyshire on 11th to 13th April 2008

Best in Show

Gyrfalcon by Mike Gadd

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Cased Exhibit) and Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)

Puffins by Carl Church

Best Theme

Blue-headed Parrots
('Bird Brain') by Colin Scott

Don Sharp Memorial Trophy (Services to the Guild)

James Dickinson

Professional Bird Winners

Professional Mammal Winners

Professional Game Head Winner

First Game Head
Wildebeest Head by Phil Leggett

Professional Fish Winners

Amateur Winners 2008

Best Amateur and Amateur Bird Winner

Aracaris by Steve Heyes

Amateur Fish/Reptile Winner

First Fish
Grayling by Dennis Baker

Amateur Mammal Winners

Amateur Game Head Winners

Credits 2008

Higher Credits

Grey Partridge by Dave Hornbrook

Standard Credits

Other Items from the Show 2008

Lectures 2008

HENK DIKKEMA - a very impressive lecture from a great osteologist.  Not only was his skill on osteological preparation good, he was probably the first person we have ever seen who gave animation and life to skeletons. Some of his great pieces were regretfully not photographed.

JOHN HALLETT gave a lecture on mounting a fox heads and showing his technique for building a tongue and gums using the original skull.

PAT MORRIS did yet another of his great lectures on the history of taxidermy.

KIM MCDONALD - we are so grateful for the time and effort that Kim has put into understanding UK taxidermy legislation, helping and advising UK government bodies on future proposals and passing this on at conferences.

LAURENCE DOWSON past on his valuable knowledge on health and safety, chemicals and waste disposal.

Other Photos 2008

Results List 2008

Prize Awards

Best in Show
Gyrfalcon - Mike Gadd

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Puffins - Carl Church

Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)
Puffins - Carl Church

Best Theme
Blue-headed Parrots ('Bird Brain') - Colin Scott

Don Sharp Memorial Trophy (Services to the Guild)
James Dickinson

Professional Bird
1st: Gyrfalcon - Mike Gadd
2nd: Bald Eagle - Carl Church
3rd: Great Horned Owl - Carl Church

Professional Mammal
1st: Ermine - Dave Hornbrook
2nd: Fox - Dave Hornbrook
3rd: none

Professional Fish
1st: Carp - Peter Scott
2nd: Brown Trout - Phil Leggett
3rd: King Salmon - Colin Scott

Professional Game Head
1st: Wildebeest - Phil Legget
2nd: none
3rd: none

Best Amateur
Aracaris - Steve Heyes

Amateur Bird
1st: Aracari - Steve Heyes
2nd: none
3rd: none

Amateur Mammal
1st: Fox - Steve Heyes
2nd: Fisher - Steve Newcombe
3rd: Fox - Wayne Pyle

Amateur Fish
1st: Grayling - Dennis Baker
2nd: none
3rd: none

Amateur Game Head
1st: Wolf - Steve Newcombe
2nd: Elk - Steve Newcombe
3rd: Red Stag - Steve Newcombe

Credits Awarded

 Higher Credits

  • Dave Hornbrook - Grey Partridge

Standard Credits

  • William Hales - Jays (x2)
  • Steve Heyes - Aracari
  • Dave Hornbrook - Ermine, Grey Partridge and Striped Owl
  • Phil Leggett - Wildebeest and Brown Trout
  • Steve Newcombe - Boar Head
  • Colin Scott - Blue-headed Parrot and Gryfalcon
  • Peter Scott - Carp and Roach
  • Steve Toher - Kestrel

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