Conference 1998

The Guild of Taxidermy Conference Competitions

held at Sutton Bonington in Nottinghamshire in September 1998

Results List 1998

Prize Awards

Credits Awarded

Best in Show
Racehorse - Dave Hollingworth

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Pine Marten - Jack Fishwick

Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)
Merlin - Jack Fishwick

Best Theme
Cuckoo - Jack Fishwick

Elliott Trophy (most improved amateur)
Carl Church

Professional Bird 
1st: Waxwing - Jack Fishwick
2nd: Waxwing - Jack Fishwick
3rd: Waxwing - Jack Fishwick

Professional Mammal
1st: Racehorse - Dave Hollingworth
2nd: Pine Marten - Jack Fishwick
3rd: none

Professional Fish
1st: Salmon - Phil Leggett
2nd: Salmon - Phil Leggett
3rd: Dace - Jack Fishwick

Best Amateur
Goldeneye Chicks - Roger Degiorgio

Amateur Bird
1st: Short-eared Owl - Dave Hornbrook
2nd: Starling - Keith Mitchell
3rd: Cockerel - Carl Church

Amateur Mammal
1st: Bobcat - David Green
2nd: Fallow Head - David Spaul
3rd: none

Amateur Fish
1st: Perch - David Spaul
2nd: Perch - David Spaul
3rd: Mirror Carp - Brian Limarge

Standard Credits

  • Carl Church - Cockerel
  • Roger Degiorgio - Goldeneye Chicks (x3)
  • Jack Fishwick - Rough-legged Buzzard, Pine Marten, Waxwings (x4), Merlin, Kestrel, Dace, Rudd, Schelly, Brown Trout, Sea Trout, Cuckoo and Reed Warbler
  • Dave Green - Bobcat
  • William Hales - Kestrel and Badger
  • David Hollingworth - Racehorse
  • David Hornbrook - Tawny Owl and Greenfinch
  • Phil Leggett - Salmon (x3)
  • Emily Mayer - Cow Head
  • Ruth Pollitt - Moose Head
  • Colin Scott - Bare-faced Currassow
  • Peter Scott - Bream, Roach (2), Barn Owls (2) and Sparrowhawk
  • David Spaul - Perch (x3)
  • Gary Tatterton - Jay and Grouse
  • Paul Taylor - Roe Heads (x3)

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