Symposiums 1970s

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Inaugural Meeting 1976

I recall, that it was Eric Morton who worked at the Hancock Museum, Newcastle, who with a few others, organised a one-day symposium on ‘modern taxidermy’ which was held on April 8th 1976 and all the then ‘great’ and ‘good’ of UK Museum Taxidermy attended along with a few commercial workers of note.

The meeting quickly evolved into serious discussion about the future of taxidermy in the UK, which is really why the meeting was convened (in secret) in the first place, and at the end of the day, the outcome was the formation of a ‘Guild of Taxidermists’, a title which stemmed from my suggestion put forward. A working party was appointed to drive this concept forward and shortly after that, an official committee who really got down to the business of sorting things out in a well thought out and positive way.

Bari Logan, 2020

Meeting 1976

This meeting was held at Wollaton Hall Natural History Museum, Nottingham on 11 June 1976.  Its aims were to:

  • have a membership of museum and commercial taxidermists;
  • promote taxidermy as an art;
  • liaise with other organisations;
  • hold an annual competition;
  • organise training schemes, seminars and symposiums;
  • produce a directory of taxidermists;
  • formulate an examination and grading system;
  • produce an information publication.

Symposium 1977Symposium 1977

The Guild's first two-day symposium was held in 1977 at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.

Attendance was about 30 and the event proved to be such a success that a symposium was deemed an annual event.

Symposium 1978

This two-day symposium was held in March 1978 at the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh.

Attendance was 45 and again, proved a great success.

Seminar 1978

This one-day seminar was held at the Leicester Museum & Art Gallery on 27 October 1978.

Attendance was 53 travelling from as far as Dumfries and Ireland.

Symposium 1979

This symposium was held at the University of Nottingham and Wollaton Hall Natural History Museum in Nottingham from 22nd to 24th March 1979.

Attendance was 91 of extremely enthusiastic people ranging in age from 14 to 64.

Lectures 1979

Roy Hale Lecture 1979ROY HALE demonstrated large mammal head modelling with a red deer stag head.

Don Sharp Lecture 1979DON SHARP's 'Plant & Foliage Modelling' demonstration showed his skill and dexterity in making foliage from wax, paper and natural materials.  An absolute joy to watch the master at work.

Seminar Programme 1979

Programme 1979

Seminar 1979

This one-day seminar was held at the National Centre for Leather Technology at Nene College in Northampton on 26 October 1979.

It was well attended by some 50 delegates from all parts of the British Isles.

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