Conference 1988

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at Nottingham University on 30 September to 2 October 1988

Best in Show

Dog by Dick Hendry

Professional Bird Winner

Second Bird
Jay by Steve Massam

Wagstaffe Trophy
(Best Case) and Professional Fish Winner

First Fish
Trout by Steve Massam

Amateur Winners 1988

Best Amateur

Little Owl by Phil Jones

Amateur Bird Winner

Second Bird
Jay by T Weston

Other Items from the Show 1988

Lectures 1988

Peter Summers Lecture 1988PETER SUMMERS demonstrated moulding fish using a two piece plaster mould.

Group Photo 1988

Results List 1988


Specialist Membership - introduced to encourage members who specialise in any category of birds, mammals, fish/reptile/amphibia, freeze-dry and game head.  Six credits in the stated category are required in order to gain this certificate.

Advanced Category - introduced for those who have obtained Professional Membership and are of a higher standard than a credit.  Three higher credits in each of bird, mammal and fish/reptile are required to gain this certificate.

Higher Category Credits - three specimens in each category (to be decided) require a credit at this standard.  Three judges chosen on the day have to each pass the specimen in the top 10% to 15% of a standard credit.  The approval of all delegates attending the conference or seminar are then required before the specimen can be awarded the Higher Category Credit.

Prize Awards

Best in Show
Dog - Dick Hendry

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Trout - Steve Massam

Professional Bird Competition (Jay)
1st: none
2nd: Steve Massam
3rd: Peter Summers

Professional Mammal Competition (Hare)
1st: Mike Neilson
2nd: Simon Trodd
3rd: none

Professional Fish Competition (Trout)
1st: Steve Massam
2nd: Peter Summers
3rd: G McGauran

Best Amateur
1st: Little Owl - Phil Jones
2nd: Badger - J Ditchfield
3rd: Tawny Owl - R Douglas

Amateur Bird Competition (Jay)
1st: Roger Degiorgio
2nd: T Weston
3rd: Peter Scott

Amateur Mammal Competition (Hare)
1st: J Woodward
2nd: R Dunstan
3rd: T Weston

Amateur Fish Competition (Trout)
1st: B Cottrell
2nd: R Dunstan
3rd: Peter Scott

Credits Awarded

Standard Credits

  • J Ditchfield - Badger
  • Phil Jones - Little Owl
  • Phil Leggett - Roe Fawn
  • George McInnes - Rat
  • S Measures - Little Owl

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