Conference 1983

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh on 8th to 10th April 1983

Best in Show

Water Rail by Pete Summers

Professional Bird Winners

Other Items from the Show 1983

Lectures 1983

GREG SEPTON of Milwaukee Museum Greg suggested bringing the Arrogant Son Of a Bitch (ASOB) competition to the Guild in 1983.  The ASOB competition was an informal bird challenge created in the USA by a small group dedicated to raising standards. The idea was for the entries of the chosen species to be judged by their creators as a group. Each piece was judged in turn by a show of hands, thumbs up or down until a winner was chosen. In the USA, all the other mounts were destroyed. Foremost amongst this group was Greg.

At the conference, the species was a teal and Greg acted as facilitator/MC but unlike the Americans. the losing mounts were not destroyed.  The trophy was won by James Dickinson.

Greg also did further presentations on:

  • Barry Berry's slideshow on his method of preparing fibre-glass casts of fish;
  • Greg's own work on a family of peregrines from study skins that had spent 50 years in alcohol; and
  • Greg's own slideshow depicting both live and mounted gamebirds.

Other Photos 1983

Results List 1983

Best Professional Bird Trophy was awarded for the first time this year.

Prize Awards

Best in Show
Water Rail - Peter Summers

Best Amateur
Thornback Ray - H Potter

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
George McInnes

Professional Bird (Pair of Ducks)
Joint Winner: Teal by Derek Frampton
Joint Winner: Goldeneye by Peter Summers

Amateur Bird (Pair of Ducks)
Roger Degiorgio

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