Conference 2007 Results

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at The Hayes Conference Centre in Derbyshire on 16th to 18th March 2007

Programme 2007

Best in Show, Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case) and Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)

European Eagle Owl
by Carl Church

Best Theme

Curassow ('Grub's Up')
by Colin Scott

Professional Bird Winners

Professional Mammal Winners

Professional Fish Winner

First Fish
Conger Eel by Peter Scott

Professional Game Head Winners

Amateur Winners 2007

Best Amateur and
Amateur Fish/Reptile Winner

Iguana by Steve Newcombe

Amateur Mammal Winner

First Mammal
Fox by Wayne Pyle

Amateur Game Head Winner

First Game Head
Wild Boar Head by Steve Newcombe

Credits 2007

Standard Credits

Other Items from the Show 2007

Lectures 2007

CARL CHURCH showed his technique in bird taxidermy which was followed by a discussion on other people's techniques.

DAVE HOLLINGWORTH mounted a stoat on a homemade rigid polyurethane form.

DAVE ASTLEY once again showed us the range of uses for compo and in this case, the subject was woodland groundwork.  This was a quick and simple way to create undulations to an otherwise flat and boring base.

EMILY MAYER treated us to the immense skills and improvements that she had made in the complex world of erosion moulding.  Emily is the UK's, if not, the world's best erosion moulding taxidermist and has pushed this early 19th century technique into the 20th century.

Other Photos 2007

Results List 2007

Prize Awards

Best in Show
European Eagle Owl - Carl Church

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
European Eagle Owl - Carl Church

Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)
European Eagle Owl - Carl Church

Best Theme
Curassow ('Grub's Up') - Colin Scott

Don Sharp Memorial Trophy (Services to the Guild)
Pat Morris

Professional Bird
1st: European Eagle Owl - Carl Church
2nd: Curasow - Colin Scott
3rd: Hornbill - Carl Church

Professional Mammal
1st: Hyena - Dave Hollingworth
2nd: Muntjac - Gary Tatterton
3rd: Stoat - Dave Hornbrook

Professional Fish
1st: Conger Eel - Peter Scott
2nd: Salmon - Dave Hollingworth
3rd: Brown Trout - Steve Toher

Professional Game Head
1st: Sable - Gary Tatterton
2nd: Impala - Phil Leggett
3rd: Roe - Dave Spaul

Best Amateur
Iguana - Steve Newcombe

Amateur Bird
1st: European Eagle Owl - Steve Newcombe
2nd: Tawny Owl - Steve Heyes
3rd: Little Owl - Wayne Pyle

Amateur Mammal
1st: Fox - Wayne Pyle
2nd: Mole - Dennis Baker
3rd: none

Amateur Fish/Reptile
1st: Iguana - Steve Newcombe
2nd: none
3rd: none

Amateur Game Head
1st: Wild Boar - Steve Newcombe
2nd: Badger - Gary Boreham
3rd: none

Credits Awarded

Standard Credits

  • Carl Church - European Eagle Owl, Goshawk and Hornbill
  • William Hales - Raven and Kingfisher
  • Dave Hollingworth - Gyrfalcon, Roe on pedestal, Roe Head and Salmon
  • Dave Hornbrook - Jack Snipe, Mute Swan Cygnets (x2) and Waxwing
  • Mike Gadd - Little Owls (x2)
  • Colin Scott - Curassow
  • Peter Scott - Conger Eel
  • Gary Tatterton - Muntjac, Wildebeest, Duiker and Sable
  • Steve Toher - Redwing and Fieldfare

earning Accredited Membership for Dave Hollingworth

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