Conference 1997

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at Sutton Bonington Agricultural College in Nottinghamshire on 5th to 7th September 1997

Best in Show

Cape Buffalo Head
by Dave Hollingworth

Professional Bird Winner

Third Bird
Wren by Peter Summers

Credits 1997

Other Items from the Show 1997

Photos 1997

Results List 1997

ELLIOTT TROPHY - a new trophy was introduced this year for the best piece of work by a member with less than 3 years' experience.

Prize Awards

Best in Show
Cape Buffalo Head - Dave Hollingworth

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Ring Ouzel - Jack Fishwick

Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)
Ring Ouzel - Jack Fishwick

Best Theme
Blackbirds - Jack Fishwick

Elliott Trophy (most improved amateur)
William Hales

Professional Bird 
1st: Spotted Flycatcher - Peter Summers
2nd: Ring Ouzel - Jack Fishwick
3rd: Wren - Peter Summers

Professional Mammal
1st: Cape Buffalo - Dave Hollingworth
2nd: Arctic Fox - Jack Fishwick
3rd: none

Professional Fish
1st: Salmon - Jack Fishwick
2nd: Golden Orfe - Jack Fishwick
3rd: Pike - Chris Elliott

Best Amateur
Male Teal - Barry Wilson

Amateur Theme
Crow ('Carry on Eating') - Martyn Brewer

Amateur Bird
1st: Male Teal - Barry Wilson
2nd: Female Teal - Barry Wilson
3rd: Tawny Owl - Barry Wilson

Amateur Mammal
1st: Muntjac Head - David Spaul
2nd: Fox Mask - Mark Williams
3rd: none

Amateur Fish
1st: Common Pacu - David Spaul
2nd: Perch - Paul Stedman
3rd: none

Credits Awarded

Standard Credits

  • Chris Elliott - Pike
  • Jack Fishwick - Arctic Fox and Lemming
  • George Jamieson - Sika Head
  • Phil Leggett - Goshawk
  • Peter Scott - Jackdaws (x2) and Buzzard
  • Peter Summers -  Wren, Dartford Warbler, Whinchat, Spotted Flycather and Jay
  • Gary Tatterton - Fox, Polecat and Snowy Owl
  • Paul Taylor - Roe Head
  • Barry Wilson - Tawny Owl and Teals (male and female)

qualifying both Peter Summers and Barry Wilson as Bird Specialists and Gary Tatterton as a Mammal Specialist

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