Conference 1997

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at Sutton Bonington Agricultural College in Nottinghamshire on 5th to 7th September 1997

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Credits 1997

Teals by Barry Wilson

Photos 1997

Results List 1997

ELLIOTT TROPHY - a new trophy was introduced this year for the best piece of work by a member with less than 3 years' experience.

Prize Awards

Best in Show
Cape Buffalo - Dave Hollingworth

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Ring Ouzel - Jack Fishwick

Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)
Ring Ouzel - Jack Fishwick

Best Theme
Blackbirds - Jack Fishwick

Elliott Trophy (most improved amateur)
William Hales

Professional Bird 
1st: Spotted Flycatcher - Peter Summers
2nd: Ring Ouzel - Jack Fishwick
3rd: Wren - Peter Summers

Professional Mammal
1st: Cape Buffalo - Dave Hollingworth
2nd: Arctic Fox - Jack Fishwick
3rd: none

Professional Fish
1st: Salmon - Jack Fishwick
2nd: Golden Orfe - Jack Fishwick
3rd: Pike - Chris Elliott

Best Amateur
Male Teal - Barry Wilson

Amateur Theme
Crow ('Carry on Eating') - Martyn Brewer

Amateur Bird
1st: Male Teal - Barry Wilson
2nd: Female Teal - Barry Wilson
3rd: Tawny Owl - Barry Wilson

Amateur Mammal
1st: Muntjac Head - David Spaul
2nd: Fox Mask - Mark Williams
3rd: none

Amateur Fish
1st: Common Pacu - David Spaul
2nd: Perch - Paul Stedman
3rd: none

Credits Awarded

Standard Credits

  • Chris Elliott - Pike
  • Jack Fishwick - Arctic Fox and Lemming
  • George Jamieson - Sika Head
  • Phil Leggett - Goshawk
  • Peter Scott - Jackdaws (x2) and Buzzard
  • Peter Summers -  Wren, Dartford Warbler, Whinchat, Spotted Flycather and Jay
  • Gary Tatterton - Fox, Polecat and Snowy Owl
  • Paul Taylor - Roe Head
  • Barry Wilson - Tawny Owl and Teals (male and female)

qualifying both Peter Summers and Barry Wilson as Bird Specialists and Gary Tatterton as a Mammal Specialist

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