Past Members of the Guild of Taxidermists

This is a list of some of those who have made major contributions to taxidermy and/or the Guild over the years.  We are all so grateful for the inspiration they have given to the trade.

Dave Astley

Longstanding member who put his heart and soul into the Guild, and helped to promote the Guild in the eyes of the RSPB and RSPCA.

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John E. Cooper

Naturalist, veterinary surgeon and comparative pathologist.  Friend and supporter of the Guild of Taxidermists.

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Roy Hale

Founder Guild member and highly ranked taxidermist whose career spanned over 60 years.

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Ian Hutchison

Highly ranked taxidermist known for his inspirational talks and advanced casting techniques.

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Bari Logan

Well regarded founder member.

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Don Sharp

A well-loved member who did many lectures and was renowned for his casting and moulding ability with waxes.

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