Conference 2011 Results

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at The Hayes Conference Centre in Derbyshire on 18th to 20th March 2011

2011 Programme

Best in Show

Red Stag
by Stuart Jefferies

Wagstaffe Trophy
(Best Case)

Peregrine Falcons
by Mike Gadd

Norfolk Trophy
(Best Groundwork)

Peregrine Falcons by Mike Gadd

Best Theme

Blue-fronted Amazon by Dennis Baker

Don Sharp Memorial Trophy
(Services to the Guild)

Emily Mayer

Professional Bird Winners

Professional Mammal Winners

Professional Fish Winner

First Fish
Perch by Peter Scott

Professional Game Head Winners

Amateur Winners 2011

Best Amateur

Wigeon by Barry Wilson

Amateur Mammal Winner

First Mammal
Stoat by Benjamin Rhodes

Amateur Bird Winners

Credits 2011

Master Credits

Higher Credits

Standard Credits

Other Items from the Show 2011

Lectures 2011

MAURICE BOUTEN from the Bouten & Son Taxidermy Studio in the Netherlands demonstrated his procedure for mounting a roe deer head using a commercial form.

AVIAN CHALLENGE - a good learning curve for everybody on magpies led by Mike Gadd who discussed the pros and cons of each entry in relation to the reference photograph used.  This is always a major challenge and it was great to see good audience participation.

PAT MORRIS's highly informative talk titled 'Extreme Taxidermy'.  Pat discussed some of the most ambitious and logistically challenging elephant taxidermy projects of the past and the curious topic of human taxidermy.

Other Photos 2011

Results List 2011

Prize Awards

Best in Show
Red Stag - Stuart Jefferies

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Peregrine Falcons - Mike Gadd

Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)
Peregrine Falcons - Mike Gadd

Best Theme
Blue-fronted Amazon - Dennis Baker

Don Sharp Memorial Trophy (Services to the Guild)
Emily Mayer

Professional Bird
1st: Gyr Falcon - Mike Gadd
2nd: Peregrine Falcons - Mike Gadd
3rd: Great Tit - Dave Irwin

Professional Mammal
1st: Fox Hound - Emily Mayer
2nd: Red Stag - Stuart Jefferies
3rd: Lion - Stuart Jefferies

Professional Fish
1st: Perch - Peter Scott
2nd: none
3rd: none

Professional Game Head
1st: Roe Head - Dave Hollingworth
2nd: Longhorn - Steve Newcombe
3rd: Chinese Water Deer - Dave Hollingworth

Best Amateur
Wigeon - Barry Wilson

Amateur Bird
1st: Male Mandarin - Barry Wilson
2nd: Wigeon - Barry Wilson
3rd: Canada Goose - Barry Wilson

Amateur Mammal
1st: Stoat - Benjamin Rhodes
2nd: none
3rd: none

Credits Awarded

Master Credits

  • Mike Gadd - Female Peregrine Falcon
  • Dave Hollingworth - White-tailed Deer

Higher Credits

  • Dave Hollingworth - Roe Head and Chinese Water Deer Head
  • Stuart Jefferies - Red Stag
  • Emily Mayer - Foxhound
  • Steve Newcombe - Longhorn and Pronghorn

Standard Credits

  • Drew Bain - Pole Worm Cast and North American Bull Frog
  • Mike Gadd - Male Peregrine Falcons, Gyr Falcon and Snowy Owl
  • Dave Hollingworth - Geoffory's Cat
  • Dave Hornbrook - Female Crossbill, Blue Tit, Ural Owl, Common Snipe and Magpie
  • Dave Irwin - Red-headed Parrot Finch and Great Tits (x2)
  • Stuart Jefferies - Lioness and Lion
  • Will Matthews - Puku and Rock Hyrax
  • Steve Newcombe - Soay Sheep, White-tailed Deer, Longhorn, Pronghorn and Bobcat
  • Colin Scott - Ermine
  • Peter Scott - Perch
  • Gary Tatterton - Grey Duiker
  • Barry Wilson - Wigeon (x2) and Female Mandarin

qualifying Steve Newcombe as a Specialist in Game Heads, Dave Hollingworth as a Master in Game Heads and Mike Gadd as a Master in Birds

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