Conference 1992 Results

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at Lancaster University in September 1992

Best in Show

Erling Mørch

Wagstaffe Trophy
(Best Case)

Wallcreeper by Peter Summers

Professional Bird Winner

First Bird
Peregrine chasing Grouse by Mike Gadd

Professional Fish Winner

Second Fish
Barbel by Peter Summers

Professional Mammal Winners

First Mammal
Fishing Cat by Peter Summers


Second Mammal
Weasel by Dave Weatherley

Third Mammal
Fox by Jonathan Standing

Other Items from the Show 1992

Lectures 1992

Sparrowhawk Skeleton with prey by Henk Dikkema 1992HENK DIKKEMA gave a lecture on Osteological Preparation and Mounting and he presented this Sparrowhawk with prey for our examination.

MIKE GADD and PHIL LEGGETT demonstrated fox mounting techniques.

Mike used the traditional bind-up method with woodwool.

Phil used a manufactured foam manakin.

Other Photos 1992

Results 1992

Prize Awards

Best in Show
Long-tailed Duck - Erling Mørch

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Wallcreeper - Peter Summers

Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)
Chaffinches - Jack Fishwick

Professional Bird ('Taking Flight')
1st: Peregrine - Mike Gadd
2nd: Curlew - James Dickinson
3rd: Teal - Peter Scott

Professional Mammal ('Taking Flight')
1st: Fishing Cat - Peter Summers
2nd: Weasel - Dave Weatherley
3rd: Fox - Jonathan Standing

Professional Fish
1st: Dogfish - Peter Scott
2nd: Barbel - Peter Summers
3rd: Brown Trout - Stuart Jefferies

Best Amateur
1st: Fox - Jonathan Standing
2nd: Roe Fawn - Jonathan Standing
3rd: Dogfish - Peter Scott

Amateur Bird ('Taking Flight')
1st: Teal - Peter Scott
2nd: Pheasant - K Ecker
3rd: Kingfisher - K Ecker

Amateur Mammal ('Taking Flight')
1st: Fox - Jonathan Standing
2nd: none
3rd: none

Amateur Fish
1st: Dogfish - Peter Scott
2nd: none
3rd: none

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