Conference 1982

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at the University of East Anglia in Norwich from 26th to 28th March 1982

Programme 1982

Best in Show

Ermine by Peter Summers

Best Bird

Wood Pigeon by Derek Frampton

Other Items on Show 1982

Lectures 1982

JOHN HOLMES demonstrated a primrose leaf being modelled in silicone rubber and cast in quick setting eposy resin.

DEREK FRAMPTON - who better than this year's winner of the wood pigeon competition to judge the wood pigeon manikin bind-up competition.

IAN HUTCHISON - after his outstanding chub cast in the round sucking up a worm as its only form of support from 1981, Ian kindly offered to do a demonstration and discuss his thought process for the project.  Mike Gadd thought it was one of the most important lectures that helped him in his bird taxidermy.

Results List 1982

WAGSTAFFE TROPHY - introduced this year.

BIRD COMPETITION on the study of bird skins was also first introduced this year.

Prize Awards

Best in Show
Stoat - Peter Summers

Bird Competition (Woodpigeon)
Derek Frampton

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