Conference 2019 Results

The Guild of Taxidermists Conference Competitions

held at The Hayes Conference Centre in Derbyshire on 8th to 10th March 2019

Programme 2019

Best in Show

Breakthrough Judges' Choice

by Mark Buhagiar

Wagstaffe Trophy
(Best Case)

Turnstones by Jack Fishwick

Norfolk Trophy
(Best Groundwork)

Turnstones & Purple
by Jack Fishwick

Best Theme

Glis Glis
by Derek Frampton

Don Sharp Memorial Trophy (Services to the Guild)

Emilie Woodford

Professional Bird Winners

Professional Mammal Winners

Professional Fish/Reptile Winners

Amateur Winners 2019

Best Amateur

Reindeer Calf by Andrea Probert

Amateur Bird Winners

Amateur Mammal Winners

Amateur Game Head Winners

Credits 2019

Higher Credits

Standard Credits

Other Items from the Show 2019

Lectures 2019

PETER SCOTT - presentation on how to make effective habitats. Peter showed us what inspired him in creating realistic dioramas and what would be accurate habitats for the birds he mounted. He also brought in different types of materials of what he uses for rocks and bases for the inside of his cases.

KIM McDONALD and DREW BAIN - legal update particularly useful with Brexit looming and the ever-changing laws and rules in taxidermy.

Many thanks to Kim and Drew for the time and effort they put in to help keep us up to date and in their advisory capacity working with Animal Health and English Nature.

PAT MORRIS - presentation on the Van Ingen Factory in Mysore.  Pat went to visit the owner whilst he still alive in his 90s.  It was amazing to get an insight into how the company worked and the records that Pat obtained showed valuable information about the tigers in that area.

One thing that was disturbing about Pat's presentation are these two photos. The eradication of the habitat that sustained the tigers and the hunting is deemed as fine, but the photo of the dead tigers is what will get the reaction. Surely wiping out the home for thousands of animals should get some negative reaction.

STEVE TOHER - demonstration on casting heads with alginate and progressing to a simple foam cast to be worked up, then to a more production staged reproduction head.

DEREK FRAMPTON - demonstration on how to make your own plastic eyes using scrap plastic.  Derek made a dedicated machine for painting and a very impressive set of metal dyes.

MAMMAL CHALLENGE - Mike Gadd led this year's challenge of a sitting squirrel which was jointly won by Becky Dick and Andi Probert.

MIKE GADD and GEORGE JAMIESON - interactive workshop on creating wood wool forms for squirrels with differing methods by Mike using a plaster cast head and by George using the binding to profile technique.  Mike and George then guided other members in a hands-on make your own squirrel manakin using the techniques demonstrated.

Other Photos 2019

Results List 2019

Prize Awards

Best of Show
Lapwing - Mark Buhagiar

Breakthrough Judges' Choice
Joint: Immature Bear Cuscus - Derek Frampton
Joint: Common Myna - Jack Fishwick

Wagstaffe Trophy (Best Case)
Turnstones - Jack Fishwick

Norfolk Trophy (Best Groundwork)
Turnstones - Jack Fishwick

Best Theme
Glis Glis - Derek Frampton

Don Sharp Memorial Trophy (Services to the Guild)
Emilie Woodford

Professional Bird
1st: Common Myna - Jack Fishwick
2nd: Goshawk - Mike Gadd
3rd: Lapwing - Mark Buhagiar

Professional Mammal
1st: Immature Bear Cuscus - Derek Frampton
2nd: Spotted Cuscus - Derek Frampton
3rd: Bear Cuscus - Derek Frampton

Professional Fish/Reptile
1st: Toad - James Dickinson
2nd: Lake Trout - Peter Scott
3rd: Rudd - Jack Fishwick

Best Amateur
Reindeer Calf - Andrea Probert

Amateur Bird
1st: Magpie - Stephen McIntyre
2nd: Red-legged Partridge - Stephen McIntyre
3rd: Jay - Shamser Huda

Amateur Mammal
1st: Reindeer Calf - Andrea Probert
2nd: American Mink - Tam Powell
3rd: Hedgehog - Martin Bourne

Amateur Game Head
1st: Eland - Martin Bourne
2nd: Wildebeest - Martin Bourne
3rd: White Park Cow - Rebecca Dick

Credits Awarded

Master Credits

  • James Dickinson - Toad
  • Jack Fishwick - Common Myna and Rudd
  • Mike Gadd - Goshawk
  • Peter Scott - Lake Trout

Standard Credits

  • Mark Buhagiar - Lapwing
  • Jack Fishwick - Turnstones (x3) and Purple Sandpiper
  • Derek Frampton - Spotted Cuscus, Bear Cuscus and Immature Bear Cuscus
  • George Jamieson - Grey Squirrel
  • Colin Scott - Brambling
  • Peter Scott - Ringed Teals (x2)
  • Steve Toher - Perch

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