Some of the Guild of Taxidermists' most Notable Members

This is a list of taxidermists who have made a significant contribution to taxidermy and/or the Guild of Taxidermists over the years.  We are all so grateful for the inspiration they have given.

Dave Astley

Longstanding member who put his heart and soul into the Guild, and helped to promote the Guild in the eyes of the RSPB and RSPCA.

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Derek Frampton

Founder Guild member with an illustrious career in taxidermy and model making spanning over 45 years. He has populated many eminent museums and galleries, and won numerous awards along the way.

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Kim McDonald

Kim has been worth his weight in gold, working his way through reams of legislation and making it legible for Guild members.  He also committed a huge amount of time as our legal representative in negotiating with DEFRA.

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Pat Morris

Longstanding member, known for his vast knowledge on the history of taxidermy and the numerous lectures he does.

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